All You Need Is Love Caravan

The original All You Need Is Love Caravan. Including the branding and the TV studio. For one day rentals only

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All You Need is Love is one of the most popular television programmes in the Netherlands. For 27 seasons in row. And the highly famous caravan in which the Video Messages are brought has become the most recognizable part. Everyone in the Netherlands knows the All You Need Is Love Caravan. The only genuine original ‘All You Need is Love Caravan’ is for rent at American Way rentals. Since 2011, the AYNIL Caravan is: ‘ 100% Made in Holland ‘. The Dutch brand FunTear is responsible for the manufacturing and has now built 2 brandnew caravans for the #AYNIL TV show. It is a specially built FunTear Retro II XL to be precise. The AYNIL caravan is complete with the well-known round bench, red table and the original decor with monitor in it. For either a roadshow or a “hit-and-run” and even for rent as an exclusive bridal suite with a beautiful bed. Also some ‘ old ‘ AYNIL caravans (used up to 2007) can be rented at American Way.

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Specificaties AYNIL caravan

'- Type: 2016 FunTear Retro II XL – Bouwjaar 2015 – Kenteken:09-WB-PV – Lengte 7,00 meter – Hoogte – 2,70 meter – Breedte – 2.20 meter – Gewicht: 1100 kg – Enkel as caravan – Deur voorzijde stoepkant en achterzijde aan de straatkant – Kogeldruk 100 kg bij juiste belading – TV Studio inrichting standaard aanwezig – 2 Afkijkschermen – Bruidssuite inrichting beschikbaar'


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